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    High voltage electrical equipment and temperature sensors.Wide-Angle Fresnel Lens

    source:Industry News release time:2023-09-18 Hits:     Popular:Infrared sensing module


      High voltage electrical equipment in power plants, substations, and other high-voltage distribution rooms may generate heat or discharge flashover due to poor contact, overload, short circuit, etc. When the heat is severe, it can affect the normal operation of the equipment. Therefore, it is very important to monitor the temperature accuracy of high voltage electrical equipment. An NTC temperature sensor needs to be installed in high-voltage electrical equipment to monitor temperature.

      The temperature detection circuit of high-voltage electrical equipment adopts a negative temperature coefficient thermistor to detect the temperature of the high-voltage electrical equipment, and adjusts the signal amplitude through resistance feedback to the mean circuit. The temperature compensation circuit compensates for the output signal of the mean circuit.

      The built-in NTC temperature sensor is used for temperature monitoring of high-voltage electrical equipment, which can further ensure the accuracy of temperature measurement. Considering the high precision requirement for temperature monitoring of high-voltage electrical equipment, the Aisheng GT series single ended glass sealed NTC thermistor is generally selected. This series of thermistors has high accuracy and meets the high accuracy requirements for temperature monitoring of high-voltage electrical equipment; Single ended glass sealed NTC thermistors mainly adopt glass packaging technology, with small size and sturdy structure, which can be used in harsh environments such as high temperature and humidity, and have fast reaction speed

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