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    Temperature sensor for BMS battery

    Time:Dec 30, 2022 Views:609

      4900 PIR lens

      Product features:

      1. Epoxy waterproof package, with good stability and high precision

      2. Using MF52NTC thermistor chip

      3. Wide resistance range: 0.1K Ω~500K Ω; B value range: 2000K~4500K

      4. Acceptable length custom specification

      5. Moisture proof, good insulation, high reliability and small time constant

      Precautions for use of BMS battery NTC temperature sensor (10K thermistor):

      1. The reduction of resistance value caused by self heating may lead to misoperation of the machine. Do not apply excessive voltage to the thermistor

      2. The type of load, amount and time of inrush current should not exceed the specified value

      3. Treatment after unsealing the thermistor element: After the minimum package is unsealed, please reseal the product or keep it with the desiccant in the sealed container

    Three functions of NTC thermistor

    Introduction of NTC Negative Temperature Resistance.Led lens manufacturer

    MF51 103F3950FL80 NTC Thermistor

    PIR Lens 8605-2B

    PND103F3950FTR310 NTC Thermistor 10K 1% 3950