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    So how do you know the quality of the network cable?PIR Movement Detector

    Time:Apr 22, 2022 Views:714


      1. Check the instructions on the outside of the cable. The words like "XXXXX SYSTEMS CABLE...24AWG...CAT5" should be printed on the outer skin of the twisted pair cable, indicating that the twisted pair is the five-type twisted pair of XXXXX company, of which 24AWG indicates that it is used in the local area network. Twisted pair, CAT5 is represented as Category 5. Xiaobian once used a box of so-called Category 5 cables that did not indicate the category. The actual measurement can only reach the standard of Category 3 cables. It's really pitiful.

      2. The outer sheath of the network cable. Fold the network cable to 180 degrees, and then skim it back to see how the outer skin is folded, how it is a good quality network cable, and no matter how the outer skin is folded, there will be no obvious whitening. It is obviously whitened, and the network cable with good outer skin is not easy to break during the construction of the integrated wiring.

      3. Whether the copper core in the cable has good toughness. In order to prevent the twisted pair from breaking during the movement, the inner copper core must have a certain toughness in addition to the outer skin protection layer. At the same time, in order to facilitate the production and reliable connection of the joint, the copper core should neither be too soft nor too hard.

      4. Copper core impurities. There are many impurities in the copper core. Cut the copper core wrapping, hold the copper core by hand and make a circle to see how many circles it will break. Good quality can generally be wound for more than 25 circles.

      5. Whether it has flame retardancy. In order to avoid cable damage caused by high temperature or fire, the outermost sheath of the twisted pair should not only have good tensile properties, but also be flame-retardant (you can test it with fire: if it is Authentic, the rubber will be soft when heated and will not catch fire; if it is a fake, it will burn at one point). In order to reduce the manufacturing cost, non-standard twisted pair cables generally use materials that do not meet the requirements to make the sheath of the cable, which is not conducive to communication security.

    The four major applications of thermistor sensor

    Radio frequency technology application field.5.8G Frequency microwave module

    P914 Digital sensor

    PIR Lens 8307-2