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    bushing ntc thermistor

    Time:Sep 28, 2022 Views:949

      8308-A PIR lens

      NTC temperature sensors are often in a high temperature and high pressure state, and are subjected to high-speed impact of electric fluid, so a protective casing is required to withstand rupture, which is related to the material, diameter, wall thickness, and temperature resistance range of the protective tube. In order to make the sensor safe and reliable It is very important to properly design the protective casing when working.

      The high temperature NTC temperature sensor with sleeve is just suitable for high temperature and high pressure environment. It adopts MF58NTC thermistor chip, the temperature sensor uses ceramic tube and stainless steel shell, which has good stability and continuity, and high durability.


      1. The temperature sensor adopts MF58NTC thermistor chip

      2. Good stability and continuity, high durability

      3. Excellent long-term stability and precise interchangeability

      4. Customizable specifications

      5. Can work in the high temperature range of 20 to 240 ° C for extended time

      6. Application: high temperature induction cooker and electric heating plate

      product material:

      The temperature sensor uses MF58NTC thermistor chip

      Use ceramic tube and stainless steel housing

      Product parameters:

      Resistor resistance value:


      B(100°C / 200°C)= 4300K±2%

      Withstand voltage test: 1200V AC / 3 seconds should have no flicker or breakdown

      Insulation resistance test: 500V DC to 100mΩ

      Operating temperature range: 20 to 240°C (sensor head only)

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