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    Ntc temperature probe customization

    Time:Dec 29, 2022 Views:988

      8308-B PIR lens

      NTC thermistors can be assembled with customized enclosures into NTC temperature sensors for various product applications for measurement, detection, indication, monitoring and control. The NTC temperature sensor probe assembly can be easily connected to any system or part of any system to monitor or control temperature. The selection of assembly depends on the application. The main factors that determine the optimal configuration of NTC temperature sensor assembly are the operating environment, installation, time response and minimum dissipation constant

      We provide various NTC temperature probes (NTC thermistors, glass probe thermistors), which are suitable for various industries that need temperature sensing applications. Among them, the temperature sensor made of NTC thermistor is often used in the following fields:

      ● HVAC system

      ● Pool and spa controls

      ● Household and commercial appliances

      ● Food storage equipment

      ● Transportation equipment

      ● Industrial Electronics

      ● Alternative power solutions

      ● Medical equipment

      The above fields are just some common industries that need temperature sensing. To ensure that it performs as required, key components must be customized to provide optimal performance across all settings. Assembly may be complex, but our technical team can provide personalized design and temperature probes that meet your exact needs and requirements.

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