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    NTC temperature sensor for electric motor temperature measurement.CDS sensor Processor

    Time:Sep 27, 2022 Views:609

      8308-B PIR lens

      The NTC temperature sensor for electric motor temperature measurement adopts MF58NTC thermistor chip, and the epoxy resin waterproof packaging has high stability.


      1. The temperature sensor adopts mf58NTC thermistor chip

      2. Suitable for medium temperature areas

      3. Customized specifications are acceptable

      4. Very durable

      5. Application: Suitable for car heaters, motorcycles or multi-purpose water and oil engines, etc.

      product material:

      High stability of epoxy resin waterproof encapsulation

      Packaged in brass tube

      Screw type

      Product parameters:

      Resistance: R(25°C)=49.12KΩ±1%B(0°C/100°C)=3970K±2% Operating temperature range: -40-150°C

      Withstand voltage: AC 1200V / 3S without breakdown or flickering (cut-off current 1mA)

      Insulation resistance: DC 500V Megger (between glass and lead wire) 100MΩ or more

      Thermal time constant: about 2 seconds (in liquid)

    Precautions for the application of NTC in switching power supplies.Infrared digital sensor module

    Precautions for the use of NTC thermistors


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