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    NTC temperature sensor for roller temperature adjustment device of rubber mixing machine.NTC temperature Thermistor

    source:Industry News release time:2023-10-07 Hits:     Popular:Infrared sensing module


      Rubber mixing machine is one of the important rubber product production machinery, with a relatively simple structure and low price. However, the roller temperature adjustment device is related to its normal operation. Therefore, it is necessary to install an NTC temperature sensor in the roller temperature adjustment device of the rubber mixing machine to adjust the temperature.

      The temperature adjustment device of the rubber mixing machine roller is operated by the rubber mixing machine. When the roller starts to rotate continuously, its internal temperature rises. According to the characteristics of the NTC temperature sensor, it is extremely sensitive to temperature and exhibits different resistance values at different temperatures. The negative temperature coefficient thermistor has a lower resistance value when the temperature is higher, and the circuit is in a path state. The rotation control valve starts to rotate, opening the nozzle of the cooling water storage box,, When the temperature slowly drops, the rotating control valve drives the threaded column to rotate, which moves to the connecting port and fits with it, driving the second layer of threaded column to rotate. The amount of coolant sprayed is moderate. Similarly, when the temperature slowly drops, the second layer of threaded column and the third layer of connecting port are interlocked and fit, spraying the maximum amount of coolant, and then slowly cooling the rotating roller, thus achieving the prevention of the combined effect of transverse pressure and temperature difference stress, All the coolant is sprayed out, and rapid cooling can cause damage to the roller and prolong the service life of the device.

      The OTS series NTC temperature sensor can be used for temperature monitoring in the roller temperature adjustment device of rubber mixing machines. The NTC temperature sensor has the characteristics of fast response, high accuracy, high reliability, and high temperature resistance (preferably up to 230 ℃). The appearance is divided into five series: OS/OL/OH/OP/FH.

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